Whispers of Love

In a world that too often invites conformity and where it can be painful to reveal our deepest truths, sisterhood grants us the freedom to shed the protections we hold so closely around our unique selves. Author Colleen Sell expresses this beautifully when she says, “Of all the blessings sisterhood can bestow, I think the greatest is to be known, really known.” What a different world it would be if we felt free to be known in all relationships, as we are in our sisterhood.

What creates sisterhood? What draws us women to each other? How do we choose the ones to hold close, the ones who demand that we honor their sacredness—and in so doing, honor ourselves? I think the answer to this is not that we choose them, but that they choose us. Sisterhood is perhaps not something that we find so much as it finds us. I will share the experience that has led me to this belief.

Last year my husband was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, and with his diagnosis came every kind of uncertainty that life can throw up. I have survived the past months in large measure through the friendship and support of two women—their laughter, their physical support, and most crucially, their willingness to hold space for my anger, frustration, desperation, and sorrow with utmost empathy.

Having made some friends in the few short years since moving to a new country, if I had chanced a guess at which of those friends would hold my hand through these challenges, I would have thought of the individuals I knew for the longest time. Yet, two very special women walked into my life just in time, just at the right moment, when they could be the pillars on which I would lean for strength and comfort. If there is no chance, if everything in this world is by design, then I am grateful for this blessed destiny.

Perhaps in my trauma, they saw reflections of their own. Stories of survival that were written into their own souls; stories through which they instinctively knew they could be my strength during my weakest moments. “You are so brave, you are so strong” were words that perhaps reflected the knowledge of their own strength, that allowed them to see it in me.

What I know is that in my despair, those words physically infused me with courage and strength. “What can I do for you? How can I help you?” were sincere requests to be of service that reassured me that I was not alone. Moments of comedy brought much-needed relief, and moments of shared sorrow reminded me that there is pain greater than my own.

I realize now that while their standing by my side may have seemed as sudden as my husband’s illness, their whispers of love had always been there, even when I may not have taken the time to recognize them. The small and large kindnesses, the gesture of including me in their lives, the willingness to see and accept the real me…were all quiet harbingers of the tremendous power of the love to come. I can only hope that in being chosen by them, they also feel chosen by me.

Yet, this sacred sisterhood could have easily been destroyed by misunderstandings if we had not invited honesty, expressed hurt, and extended forgiveness…if we had not allowed ourselves to be really known. I am indebted to the seeming instinct that our sisterhood should and would not succumb—that this precious connection is destined for much more, that together we can use our various talents to create meaningful change in the world.

That knowledge gives us a sense of purpose beyond ourselves, urging us to step forward in a world that needs much change. That purpose is focused on women, particularly older women, stepping into their power.

Chronic illness shakes our sense of security in an optimistic future to the core. Whatever the future holds, knowing that there will be strong footsteps alongside my own brings me immeasurable comfort.

Romantic love has its universal sensations of passion and euphoria. Parental love is universally understood as fiercely protective, while sibling love is known for its loyalty. The love of sisterhood is not so easily contained within general descriptions. The emotions, and the intensity of those emotions, experienced within circles of sisterhood may be unique to each, derived by the willingness of each sister to be “really known.”

Sisterhood is the container in which every other kind of love is dissected, berated, accepted. If we understood just how powerful this is, we would use it for immense change. Women working together are an indomitable force.

Being found and loved by two very special sisters during the most difficult challenge in my life has been a blessing beyond measure. I have learned to love myself more, as they have shown me that I deserve love. I have become more courageous in facing my shortcomings but also in accepting my wonderful strengths.

May we all give and receive the whispers of sisterhood love that make us a force for change.

About the Author | Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo

Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo is a freelance writer living in Palm Beach, Florida. She is grateful to have escaped a corporate career in wholesale banking and to now be fulfilling her passion for writing. Nandini is passionate about understanding life circumstances as opportunities for growth and helping others on their healing journey.

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8 comments to "Whispers of Love"

  • deborah weed

    Sisterhood is one of the most rewarding and transformative gifts we can give ourselves. Nandini your story touches my heart. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what is possible.

    • Nandini

      Thank you Deborah. That my story touches people gives me such comfort. May you be an agent for change through your sisterhood!

  • Iris Misshula

    To know you are loved and held by the sisters you choose and who choose you is one of life’s greatest blessing.
    Thank you for bringing to light the special bond that can occur through out lives.
    For me my Whispers of Love is as important as the air I breathe 💕

  • Iris Misshula

    To know you are loved and held by the sisters you choose and who choose you is one of life’s greatest blessing.
    Thank you for bringing to light the special bond that can occur through out lives.
    For me my Whispers of Love is as important as the air I breathe 💕

  • Alexandra Scott

    Nandini I am so touched by your writing and your experience. Thank you for your words of sacred sisterhood and whispers of love. Miss you… Much love Alex

  • Barbara Drtina

    This is so well written from the heart Nandini. I didn’t know you were going through this. Your kindness and gentle spirit, your humble presence and talents with channeling energy has impressed upon me your comfort in being you. What a beautiful and profound piece you just wrote and I am passing it on to my sisters from a different mother! They will love this & I am wondering who those 2 amazing women are. Thank you for for sharing

  • Joan Chin

    Thank you for sharing your writing, your deepest thoughts and your inner self. Those of us who know you and met at age 4 have been lucky to rediscover our “sisterhood”. Because we make the time to rejoice in our renewed sisterhood, we are finding all those things you mentioned in your writing. Always sending you positive vibes in your life’s journey 🙏