Women, Know (NO) More

A woman is sacred. She is the match to ignite inner fire. With arms outstretched she gives a passionate invitation to ascend. Her gift is ignition, her fuse, and without it, the world sways too heavy in unbalanced darkness. Everything has suffered from the rape of the goddess. But no (know) more! The world is crying for light. Help begins and ends with her return.

Transformation can happen in a moment. The magic wand we possess is the power to correct learned misinformation about her both now and through the ages. This has been my sacred mission, one that began long ago – A RE-EVOLUTION – to tell women the truth. Her resurrection ignites with the question, “Do you know that you have been brainwashed, and that it has cost you your soul?”

Salvation rests on her knowing her story in history. Salvation rests on her knowing her spiritual path back to the “sovereignty of the self.” Salvation rests upon her and that is why it is a celebration! To heal her, no one else needs to be present, as there is nothing to believe in, and no one to wait for. She must simply take back her seat on the throne, hear the truth and be restore(y)d. Like Dorothy in Oz, she already has the shoes.

A woman is a queen. She is the enlightening force of every civilization. As stated in the Vedic Scriptures, “The degree to which a woman is respected is the degree to which a society prospers. Respect for women humanizes a society.” As Riane Eisler says so beautifully in her life-altering book, The Chalice and the Blade, “There is a more hopeful story of her cultural origins, where once upon a time society revered the female and men and women lived in harmony and partnership and embraced a feminine ethos of love and compassion.” As Rolf Gompertz wrote in his ground-breaking book, Abraham, The Dreamer, “There was a time when goddess, priestess, woman had great power exceeding god, priest and man.” But it goes much deeper than this…

The clarion call has been sounded! The trumpet has blown! Call it the Age of Aquarius, the end of a calendar, the prophesy of masters and saints. It is a time like no other, a potential golden age – a line up in the sky, a set-up of the planets. We came back to earth for another chance. And we all came!

This is our spiritual opportunity to embrace the truth of who we really are: multidimensional light beings, and more than our five senses. Our job now is to activate our sacred geometry, to raise our frequency and vibration and to “feel God” in our central nervous system. As HH Shri Mataji, World Spiritual Leader and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee has stated, it is a “blossom time” when we can solve the problem of the human being, through the collective awakening of humanity. In other words, this is the spiritual activation of self-realization. In other words, we need to turn on THE DIVINE FEMININE MOTHERING ENERGY WITHIN ALL OF US.

To think you could hide the goddess power throughout the world for centuries! To think you could burn documents, burn women, and keep her silenced! To think you could weave a tale of history about men through conquests of war yet blame women for our fall from grace! These horrific deceptions did more than ruin nations and cause pain. These lies did more than incite pornography, incest, domestic violence, the selling of daughters into slavery, the rape of children, and female circumcision. The deadliest crime of all, the grandest trick of control, is to imprison women in a hateful battle against herself.

As a spiritual healer, I have spent years investigating the soul at the “root of the root of the root” for revolutionary ways to transform. There are simple profound truths about positive and negative energy. The secret of power is to clear, protect and align our energy every day, just as we shower.

The loss of power, what makes us weak, is the evil trick of distraction, confusion and separation of self. It is a weapon as old as time. It comes in disguise. Busy, and in its maze, our heads are bowed, and our days are spent trying to be worthy of the light. We never stay still long enough to align in the radiance. Self doubt is a deadly weapon. It is our “Achilles heel”.

Women have bought into the dangerous trickery with their own harmful self-criticism that believes, “I am not skinny enough, I am not young enough, I am not pretty enough.” ENOUGH!!! Women must know the game and conquer it right now! It must stop! All healing at its core begins not with what others do to us, but what we do to ourselves.

She must do everything to get back to a strong “marriage of self.” The greatest manifesting force we possess is self-love. She must stand in the light and know she is queen. With hand on heart, she can begin to decree, “I am now ready to transform. I am now commanding 100 percent of my own energy field, my life force, back from those I gave it to and those who took it, now and throughout time. I will protect, clear, and align my energy every day. And I will live by strong boundaries of self-love. I vow to never put myself down. I vow to never let anyone treat me badly again. I vow to honor my true heart and voice. “

A magnificent destiny awaits us when the goddess is enthroned. In her shining radiance, the healing of men – and the world – will follow. Her story can be now be written in all its magic and splendor, as a victorious tale about a beautiful queendom which saved the world!


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