Stand For Egyptian Women

Rights of Egyptian women are constantly violated in order to deter women from participating in the escalating public mobilization against the military coup. Protestors are directly killed; sometimes they are crushed under cars and armored vehicles. The number of victims has reached more than 40 women, including children and the elderly.

In addition, 500 women have been arbitrarily arrested. These detained Egyptian women have to face ill treatment, verbal and physical assault, sexual harassment by the soldiers during the arrest, and bad conditions while detained. Female minors are no exception.

This inhumane treatment during detention paralyzed 33 year old Amani Hassan, and left Jihad Al Khaiat, 19 years old, with multiple fractures, and forced an abortion upon 17 year old,Thana Al Qady. This violence can be seen in the picture of Dahab Hamdy Abdul Aaal, 18 years old, with her hand shackled to the recovery room bed after undergoing a caesarean section.

We ask each of you to sign this petition in support of women.

I, the undersigned, urge the United Nations, represented by the Secretary General, the High Commission for Human Rights, and all those concerned with human rights in the world to condemn what is happening, take the necessary procedures to stop these violations against the rights of women, and to monitor the deterioration of human rights in Egypt.

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