7 Secrets to Get Women Raving About Your Circle

How to Lead Circle Guidebook: 7 Secrets to Lead Circle That Will Have Women Engaged, Connected and Wanting More! 

I believe in the power of circle, and my mission is to empower the leadership in as many women as possible on this planet. As we become more and more conscious, we can see the power of collaborating instead of competing with one another and becoming more mindful of our impact on others and the planet.

Imagine if there was a local circle in every town. When women feel seen and heard, they light up. They feel empowered to make a difference. When women work together, magic happens. We are by nature nurturers, connectors, and caretakers. This is why we need more women to raise their hands and be the catalyst for more circles to exist, more places for women to gather and support one another.

Those who are guided to this free ebook are one of those leaders ready to gather the tribe together. This book will give you the confidence, tools, and structure to effectively facilitate a women’s circle right away.

Learn how to:

* Balance “masculine structure” with “feminine flow” so your circle doesn’t fall apart

* Create safe, sacred space for women to go deeper with one another

* Gain confidence in your leadership by leading from your intuition

* Receive from the circle so you don’t burn out from over-giving


“Women have been taught that in order to succeed and be worthy, they must be masculine. They must be like men. Now, with the reemergence of circles, women are relearning how to be women. To be feminine. To find their power from within and tap into their feminine presence.”


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About the Author | Tanya Lynn Paluso

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” — gifted at coaching women to soar to new heights in their leadership by putting together a plan that maximizes their talents and strengths and taking bold, courageous actions to fulfill on their intentions.

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