A Beautiful Birth. A Beautiful Life. Thank You Jules.

In September of 2003, I was remodeling my home and my dear friend, Brenda, introduced me to an interior designer, Julie Becker. This woman wasn’t a normal person in any shape of the imagination – she was eccentric, with her hair on top of her head, leg warmers and all! Full of life. I was immediately drawn to her energy and enthusiasm for life and I knew she was the one I wanted to choose paint colors, counter tops and cabinets with. As the remodel progressed, we shared stories about our children, explored the meaning of life over red wine, and laughed into the wee hours. After the remodel was completed, we remained good friends.

Julie was my friend, mentor and ultimately another sister of mine.

She taught me simple but poignant lessons…

“Don’t judge others; just love them for who they are”. 

“Always keep the creative side going in you.”

“Find something you love & do it.” 

“Trust your intuition, teach your kids about it.”

“Love yourself.”

“Enjoy the earth, nature and the beauty around me.” 

“Live in the present – be in the moment with your family and friends.”


Julie lost her battle with cancer on April 13, 2007. Upon hearing of her death, my heart ached with a pain that I have never felt before. I felt such sadness and grief that I thought my heart was going to break. I lost my best friend.

After her death, I researched the afterlife, so I could get a better understanding of where she was and what she was doing. Not long after she crossed over she came to me in a dream and told me she was in a special school to continue helping those in need on earth and she said, “Lorraine, every time you find a penny, think of her”. In another dream we were at a spa, getting massages and laughing. It was a great reminder to relax and have more fun.

Every time I find a penny at the Costco parking lot, I hear her laugh, and feel her love and support. When I cook in my beautiful kitchen, sipping a glass of cabernet, I smile and give thanks that she is present in my life.

– Lorraine Holland

July 2012


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