A Conversation with Koren Motekaitis of “How She Really Does It”

Koren Motekaitis has never been afraid to dive in head first – literally. From childhood, she’s been a competitive swimmer, a top-notch swim coach, a tenured college faculty member, a successful entrepreneur, a radio talk show host, mentor and life coach. Koren has had her own struggles and uncertainty and is an example of what is possible when you continue, when you learn, leap, fall down and get back up. She has been able to do this because of her lifelong habit of gathering strength, courage, and inspiration from other people’s journeys. Seeing what was possible for others provided nuggets of wisdom + inspiration to what could be possible for herself.

How She Really Does It, the radio show, is the realization of her life’s work. Hitting the local radio airwaves on KDRT in 2006, Koren combines her experience as a successful coach with her love of inspiring + empowering + real-life stories.

This wife, mother of four and career woman created the show to inspire, empower and entertain REAL WOMEN with REAL LIVES who are trying to figure out how to make their life work + thrive. Prior to her radio show and life coaching practice, Koren was a full-time tenured faculty member at Sacramento City College for 13 years. She was a health professor and one of the first online health professors in California. Additionally, Koren received her B.A. degree from the University of California, Davis and her master’s degree in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco. She is personally trained by Dr. Martha Beck as a Life Coach.

In this interview, Koren Motekaitis gives us advice about what she calls “shame gremlins”; the voices within us that keep us feeling disconnected from who we really want to be. Koren believes: “Make yourself the first one on your priority list at all times”. She believes if we share our shame with someone who deserves to hear it, and release ourselves to the potential we are meant to experience, we can bring more joy into our daily lives. When we diminish judgment from the ways we look at ourselves, we can truly start learning how to feel joy and peace.

Thanks Koren for all of your service to the world!

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About the Author | Koren Motekaitis

Koren is the creator of “How She Really Does It,” a radio show that combines her experience as a successful coach with her love of inspiring, empowering, and sharing real-life stories. She is also the mother of four.

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