A History About Me

My story began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 16, 1987. I was born the youngest of three kids (My Dad’s side) and the youngest of two on (My Mom’s side.) I have an older half-sister from my father’s previous relationship. I was six years old when they let me skip kindergarten to become a 1st grader in Edmonds Public School. I admit that I had a bad temper tantrum and anger issues. I was 7 1/2 years old when I moved with my family to a new home in Northeast Philly. I adjusted to my brand new life in my new room which my sister shared with me until her bed was ready

I went to a new school called Creighton Elementary. It was a lot different from Edmonds it was more brutal and harsh at the same time. Kids were cruel. I didn’t fit in with other kids due to the fact they called me “Mentally Retarded”. That put me in denial and in a rage.   In fact, it forced me to act out in school. In 1996 I was transferred again, this time to Franklin Elementary where I remained for the next 5 years. I met my new teacher and made friends. In 2001, I graduated from Franklin Elementary in the 8th grade. I was 14 years old and a teenager who knew what her life should be: NO drugs and NO sex.

I enrolled at Samuel S. Fels High School in September of that year. I got off to a lazy start there but on Tuesday September 11th little did I know that things were about to change. I was in my history class when we were sent home early. I didn’t know why until I got home and saw the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York State. It was shocking to me because I was a teenager and didn’t understand why this happened. At the end of my freshman year, I went to summer school. I didn’t take anything seriously at first and was asked to leave.   They reinstated me after I wrote a note apologizing for my actions.

My sophomore year was hard because I had lost a friend to an arson fire and my grandma to cancer. Somehow, I pulled my grades up with the persuasion of my teachers.

My junior year was unique. I was the 2nd Vice-President of the class and I was also an aide in room 102 where discipline falls under two women who are in charge of the situation. My job was to look up the names of bad boys and girls for a confrontation in the office. I also set up a chair sitting code for returning students from suspension and parents.

My senior year was the golden times. I was among the leaders of the school and I inspired a younger generation of Fels students. I performed the national anthem at the multicultural program for 2 years, participated in pretzel sales, and was part of the Young Poets Society. Senior Prom arrived and it was time to dress up and party! For the first time ever, I was free from my strict life to join in some nighttime fun that was amazing. Graduation day arrived and it was time to say goodbye until we got our diplomas and other awards. I walked away with money awards, perfect attendance for the school year, and my High School diploma.

After high school, it was hard to get a job and I became depressed. I didn’t tell my family until 2008 when my mom told me to get help. In my spare time I was a political advocate for The Hilary Clinton Campaign but later supported the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign with much success. In 2012, I campaigned again for President Obamas’ re-election to prevent Republicans from getting their hands on the White House. I attended The Sierra Group Academy to become a Computer User Specialist. I graduated from The Sierra Group Academy in October 2014. I now have a job and am currently employed part-time.

Initially, I got off to a rocky start earlier in this decade due to the fact I had severe body image issues. I gained weight in between 2010 and 2012 and was in denial about it. I recently lost 30 pounds. I overcame my problems now that I have a job but I still have skepticism on how it may play out in the next year. But no matter what, I am very determined that I will live a better future.




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