Activate, Reshape, and Transform the Real You with Catie Kirke

In this video, Catie Kirke, Founder of the revolutionary Art Your Life program, offers ideas on how to Activate, Reshape, and Transform our lives while creating a real sense of self worth. She discusses our body image, beauty ideals, relationships, and how we develop self respect. This video empowers each of us to free ourselves of that negative inner monologue we sometimes seem to perpetuate. Visit to receive your free ART Your Life KickstART Kit. It’s full of juicy goodies including videos, playsheets and insider secrets from Catie Kirke that will help you to create change in your life immediately.

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  • Terri

    I LOVE this woman. Catie Kirke’s ART Your Life program has been the turning point for me. After 48 years I had had enough and wanted to learn to love & value myself. I am pretty darn happy to say that I am well on my way to just that. It’s not a magic pill and requires work from my part, which I am more than happy to do – however the benefits that I have received from doing ART Your Life have been life changing and continue to develop every day. Thank you so much Catie, I got even more out of this video on Mindfulness which I will practice daily too.