An Innocent One

My love for you is an innocent one.
Believing with childlike trust,
desiring with naive expectation for truth,
hoping to be forgiven,
and kept;
looked at with eyes that say “thank you” for me just being me
despite my imperfections, mistakes, and inadvertent hurts I might inflict in the clumsiness of being new to this.

Serving you with no agenda,
no concept of rejection of honest love,
no understanding of anything less
than love
without conditions,
no reason to stop,
no end in sight.

Striving to learn as much as I can
about how to be
and who to be
to love you every day
better than the day I stand in,
each and every day
thinking I love you with all my heart
only to realize the next day in overwhelm
that amount was shallow in comparison
to the love of this new dawn.

With an inexperienced wonder
and certainty of success,
ready to give without giving up,
feeling lucky,

My love for you is an innocent one.
Looking to you
and at you
with eyes wide open
heart pounding
spirit calm
soul unashamed
and delightedly
out of breath.

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About the Author | Jacqueline O'Leary

Jacqueline is a believer. A believer of love, energy, spirituality, and authenticity. She believes that we learn the most not only from being well loved, but also and perhaps more importantly, from loving well. Jacqueline is a mother of two, a proud Truthteller, inspired by love, moved to love, and dedicated to loving.

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