Annie Burnside Soul to Soul Parenting Video

Annie Burnside, author of Soul to Soul Parenting, discusses the content of her book: raising spiritually conscious families. Annie discusses the missing spiritual piece/peace in all our lives – that we are all eternal energy beings.

Annie is a self-proclaimed Soul Nurturer, mom, and author whose message reverberates with families throughout the world. She discusses the theme of authenticity for parents within their own lives and the example they mirror to their children as their role models. Additionally, she speaks about the notion of resting within the divine paradox. This paradox is the notion of seeing the world through “and’s” instead of through “this or that”. Concepts she discusses are explained throughout her book in easy to read, simplistic terms. Annie is truly a gem and we are so proud to feature her on Women For One.

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About the Author | Annie Burnside

Annie is an internationally acclaimed author. Her book, “Soul to Soul Parenting,” is about creating the most spiritually aware and conscious family that each of us know how to do. Annie possesses a unique talent to transfer esoteric and spiritually sound principles into an everyday, applicable language relevant to our everyday lives.

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