Finding a Way Out of Domestic Violence

My whole life since I was a little guy, I dreamed of having my own family. I would see happy families among friends and other family members, and I always wished for what they had. I lived in a broken home and always told myself that I would do anything and everything for my wife and kids whenever that day would come.

I’ve been with my wife since our freshman year of high school, and now we have a two-year-old daughter. These days, my goal is to inspire men and women to spread the right message to our children. The big picture I have in mind is to stop domestic violence. I dealt with this throughout my childhood, both with my real father and stepfather. I watched my mother get beaten up for years—and when I was old enough to stand up for her, I experienced the same. After seeing my mother when things hit the fan, I realized I didn’t want any other woman on this Earth to have to go through the same thing.

If I wasn’t with my wife and daughter, how could I stop a domestic violence incident from happening? The answer is—physically I can’t, but in this day and age, there is the power of the individual voice and social networking. My goal is to spread awareness to the world and protect women! At the end of my life, I want to know that I made an impact to make women’s rights and needs matter. I don’t ever want my daughter to encounter the things I witnessed as a child. I also hope to inspire women to get back up and find their way out of violent situations. Know that you have the strength and courage—because without you, there are no men. #Protectourwomen

Click here to check out Justin’s powerful song, and watch him use his voice to speak out against domestic violence.
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About the Author | Justin Rednour

Justin Rednour is a 23-year-old artist out of Rockford, IL, who is trying to inspire youth, women, and men of all ages. His goal is to give people light on the rainy days they may face and pick them up when they're feelin' down. He encountered domestic violence his entire life and separated himself from his father. Now he has his own beautiful family, which consists of him, his wife, and their daughter.

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