The Art of Happiness Is in the Pause

The day my doctor said, “You will die if you don’t stop,” was the day I realized I had to change my life permanently. After years and years of existing in high stress and pushing myself too much, resulting in multiple autoimmune illnesses that were breaking down my ability to function, it was time to listen. I was struggling each day and no longer happy. I had to stop DOING what I had always done to regain my health and my happiness. I had to learn how to operate differently in this busy world of ours.

Over the next few years of my healing journey, I learned my most valuable life lesson yet: The art of happiness is in the pause.

I had been living in survival mode, a state of fight or flight, and did not even realize it. I loved my high-powered, challenging position and was excited to be making such profound differences in my company, but I’d lost the ability to turn off. I was in an “on” or “DOING” mode all the time. I took care of everyone else more than myself. I was the queen of multi-tasking—I worked too much, overcommitted, and rarely said “no,” even though I was exhausted and not sleeping well. One morning when I woke up, I could barely crawl out of bed. My body ached all over. I had no energy at all. I thought I had the flu, but the flu never went away.

I turned to doctors, expecting them to fix me. A doctor finally diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome and told me that my illness was all in my head, which didn’t sit well. I have always been a positive thinker with a can-do attitude, but I knew I couldn’t will myself to have more energy. Many of us think tension, headaches, inflammation, digestive issues, rashes, and other stress-related symptoms are a normal part of life. Now I know that’s not the truth and the symptoms I had were an indicator of deeper issues.

I was referred to a psychologist whose recommendations changed my perspective and became a crucial part of my healing journey. My psychologist encouraged me to meditate, write, journal, and do art projects—activities where I could lose track of time and find peace within. I connected with myself deeply and profoundly, feeling at peace like I did as a child, sitting out on the dock watching the water. I realized that my reflective, meditative time was the constant in my early life that kept me sane, happy, and healthy, and I got into trouble when I stopped giving myself the gift of downtime.

Over time, it became clear that old, ingrained belief systems were the underlying reason I lived in a state of stress. So reincorporating meditative time, along with the right supplements and yoga practice, enabled my body to heal, and I returned to work full time.

Unfortunately, I went right back into the workaholic lifestyle that had led to my stress-related illness. I got sick again. I started having daily headaches, never-ending sinus infections, and insomnia. I treated myself with over-the-counter medicines. I just kept popping those pills and saying everything was great, although I was barely hanging on. It wasn’t until I got to my third breaking point that my new naturopathic doctor explained that the medications I was taking were only masking my illness and even making me sicker because they were not allowing my body to heal. I was only covering the pain up.

Through many years of self-study, trial, and error, I finally cleared the core issues that kept me stuck, and I healed myself. I learned to quiet my mind, listen to my body, love myself unconditionally, and find true happiness. I transformed my life and currently thrive in health, happiness, and well-being, following my heart and doing what I love. My clients have done the same. My mission and purpose are to reach more people to help them transform their lives more cost-effectively.

After successfully healing myself from living in stress and illness, I wrote the book, The BEING Zone and created The BEING Zone System based on what worked for me and have applied the practical tools from the System with over 1,000 coaching clients, with enormous success.

Are you running in a continual state of exhaustion, stress, anxiety, or overwhelm? Do you have a variety of underlying health issues? Or do you feel there is more to life than what you are experiencing? If so, you are in the right place to find a proven system to help you find long-lasting calm, happiness, and health with The BEING Zone System training.

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Marla Williams

About the Author | Marla Williams

Marla Williams is an Intuitive Life Coach, trainer, speaker, and author of The BEING Zone. After leading a life full of worry and stress, resulting in various illnesses, Marla was told by her doctor that she could die if she did not stop. This helped her to live mindfully, and now Marla teaches others to do the same with her The BEING Zone System Training.

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