Learn from the Voice of Experience and Create a Life You Love

After I dealt with years of ongoing, nondescript chronic illnesses that never went away, my doctor told me I could die if I did not stop. I finally listened and started a long process of figuring out how to heal myself.

As I did with everything else in my life, I took on my self-healing project with a vengeance. I studied and tried many different modalities. I slowly became aware of what worked for me. After successfully healing myself from a life of never-ending stress and illness, I knew what I learned would be valuable to many other people who suffer continually from persistent ailments like headaches, rashes, and various autoimmune diseases. I decided to document what worked for me and created The BEING Zone System. I’ve since applied the System’s practical tools with over 1,000 coaching clients, with enormous success. Below, I offer three life lessons and four free tips to kickstart your healing journey into The BEING Zone.

Life Lesson 1: I now know that after working with so many clients, that if you understand why you react the way you do and what to do about it, you can begin to change your life one step at a time. It is not enough to know something; you must experience it too, as that is when the real knowledge is gained, and the actual change takes place in your body.

How You Benefit: The BEING Zone System provides the concepts in an experiential way. This will create a new neural pathway and connection in your brain, which allows your neurons to start firing and wiring together, reinforcing your body’s learning. Over time, your mind, body, and spirit become reprogrammed with better habits.

Life Lesson 2: As I continued down the path of experiencing new techniques and modalities, I began to move into a new state of BEING naturally and was so much calmer, happier, and healthier. I found that the more consistent I was practicing these new tools, the healthier I became.

How You Benefit: If you decide to invest in learning The BEING Zone System, you will begin to move from overthinking (living in your head or subconscious brain) and DOING all the time, into The BEING Zone. The BEING Zone System training provides you with the opportunity to learn it, experience it, apply the teachings with your actions, so new habits are built it into your daily routine. You change how your mind and body react to the world.

Life Lesson 3: I grew up with a tendency to worry, stress, and react to world events. It was deeply ingrained in my psyche. I learned I was addicted to stress, disease, and experiences I did not want. I began to stop and breathe and exist in The BEING Zone. As a result, my life improved dramatically as I learned to catch myself before going down the rabbit hole.

How You Will Benefit: In times of chaos and crisis, many of you will begin to worry or stress in reaction to world events. In our fast-moving culture, your repetitive thoughts, worry, or emotions can result in an addictive way of being. If this is true for you, The BEING Zone System will help you learn to catch yourself in the act and change your response. You will start your day in The BEING Zone and begin to create a life you dreamed of having instead of feeling like you are stuck in a life you do not like.

Five Free Tips for You

  1. Learn to listen to your body and trust it. When you become present, you can begin to surrender your fear, stress, and illness, and set the intention to move toward what you want by listening to your body’s needs.
  2. Recognize your tendencies. If you tend to be addicted to stress, disease, and experiences you do not want, you can learn to recognize this and begin to identify and focus on what you want. You will find it is life-changing.
  3. Learn to move from a head-based place into a heart-based place. When you move into a calm, heart-based place, you can begin to feel lighter and have more energy. This is called heart coherence, and science has proven you will live a happier and healthier life as a result.
  4. Ask yourself, “If I only have this much time to live, who do I want to be? How do I want to feel?” When you begin to follow your internal compass, envisioning the life you do want, you begin to rewire your brain and reactions. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between its current reality and future reality, so you can start to reprogram your mind into the desired future.
  5. If you want to begin to transform your life, check out our online training program: The BEING Zone System. 
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Marla Williams

About the Author | Marla Williams

Marla Williams is an Intuitive Life Coach, trainer, speaker, and author of The BEING Zone. After leading a life full of worry and stress, resulting in various illnesses, Marla was told by her doctor that she could die if she did not stop. This helped her to live mindfully, and now Marla teaches others to do the same with her The BEING Zone System Training.

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