Stop, Look, and Listen Transforms Into Awaken, Empower, and Heal

We have all experienced at least one stop, look, and listen moment at some point in our lives. My first one happened on the eve of my wedding.

My soon-to-be husband and I argued before going our separate ways after the rehearsal dinner. He had every intention of being so wasted at the wedding that he wouldn’t be able to drive us two minutes down the road to our hotel. I knew we would be celebrating, but I had no intention of missing out on celebrating our union after the reception. I cried myself to sleep that night. That was the first sign to stop. But I didn’t.

I woke up the morning of the wedding and was annoyed and agitated. That was another sign to stop. But I didn’t.

The ceremony was lovely and the reception was seemingly fine, unless you paid attention to how little the bride and groom were actually together. The honeymoon was nothing shy of a disaster, with equal time apart as together and even a “This is my vacation” thrown in there to send the message that this was for him, not for us. Yet another sign to stop. But I didn’t.

The marriage took much of the same tone as the honeymoon. I became sad, depressed…and angry…at myself…for putting myself in this situation in the first place. In my mind, I was the reason he made the choices he did, including an affair and illegal behaviors. I figured there was something wrong with ME, blaming myself for everything.

I was saved by a book I received as a Christmas present from one of my piano students. It was a daily devotional inspired by simple abundance. This invited me to look…at me…at my life…at my marriage.

The book encouraged journaling, and one day I journaled, “Saying ‘I love you’ to my husband feels the same as saying ‘hello’ to a grocery store clerk.” It was time to listen.

I continued to journal on a daily basis, allowing it to be whatever it needed to be. Sometimes it was more gratitude and prayer-like, and other times it included colorful language and an intensity of writing that would tear through multiple pages. I was not in a healthy place in any way, shape, or form.

I started to awaken to gentleness within myself, understanding that my self-worth and self-esteem were not controlled by the man I married.

I stepped into empowerment by suggesting marriage counseling. After six months, it was revealed in a session that my husband was lying both to me and the therapist. My warrior was awakened, my fight for me was ignited and I did the bravest thing imaginable…I filed for a divorce and demanded that I get the house.

From here, the healing actually began. I started taking care of myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I found quotes that inspired me and put them up in places I would see often. I continued my journaling to reveal limiting beliefs that trapped me. I started to release pent-up emotions and use them to inform me, not shame me.

I learned how to forgive myself.

I was learning how to love and accept myself.

Each step I took in healing guided me to my work as a certified integrated energy and crystal practitioner. Now I get to walk with others to help them awaken, empower, themselves, and heal.

Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart: A Guide to Transformation from the Inside Out contains tools I used to awaken, empower, and heal myself. It’s written to inspire curiosity, open to reflection, and step into an honest knowing of who you are. It is a guide to the rich tapestry that has been woven together from the threads of your life experiences.

The reflective nature of the book allows you to vulnerably explore your inner truth…in your time…in your approach…with answers that are true for you. There’s no standard to be measured against, only a whole-hearted approach of gentle discovery.

Fall in Love facilitates spending time with introspective concepts through reflection questions, inviting you to explore and navigate your inner landscape. Useful mantras are offered to support identifying your inner truth.

The book will help you choose connection over perfection. The rich nature of the content wraps you in a sacred blanket of serenity and support, bringing light to what you hold in the shadows. Learn to celebrate all of you, even what you judge as unlovable.

“Come home…to your heart…your sacred vault of truth.”

Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart is available through BookBaby Publishing. 

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About the Author | Ann Ruane

Ann Ruane is a creative whose curiosity guides her work, piano playing, and writing. Outside of her passion for empowering others through healing, she finds respite and inspiration in nature. Ann is an author, professional pianist, and certified integrated energy and crystal practitioner at Lux Eterna Healing. She cherishes her hands as her vehicle of expression and healing.

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