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Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is an internationally known intuitive healer, speaker, author, and teacher based in the Seattle area. Her uniquely compassionate presence allows people to release pain, heal their wounds, and emerge into expanded consciousness. In addition to her private practice, Marie offers workshops and retreats and hosts a popular radio show, Where Energy and Medicine Meet.

The Power of Positive What If Questions

Marie Manuchehri shares the power of training the mind to ask conscious, positive what-if questions, instead of allowing the mind to run a habitual,...

Embracing Your Personal Power and Magnificence

One of Marie Manuchehri's greatest joys is teaching others to embrace their own power and magnificence. She hopes you will join her at one...

Interview with Marie Manuchehri

I recently saw Oprah speak in Vancouver, British Columbia and she spoke about authenticity and being yourself. She quoted one of my favorite people,...