Interview with Marie Manuchehri


Wf1: How do you define authenticity in your life?

Marie: Authenticity means to constantly reevaluate who you are, what you think, how you feel, if you’re happy – it’s constant. Doing so creates a brand new awakening of our individual spirit. When people speak their authentic self, which arises from questions like – “Is this the real me?” and, “Am I honoring me in this moment?” they are authentic and present to the magic of the moment. I search for authenticity by not joining mentally or emotionally in human drama. Instead, I search for gaps in life, what some consider the nothingness. This quest affords me present moments.


Wf1: When sharing your story to a larger group in general, how did it affect you to come out and talk about you and your intuition?

Marie: I’ve been talking about my intuition for 14 years now. However, I still haven’t completely let myself out of the bag; so to speak. I’m working on feeling comfortable writing about the many mystical occurrences that have happened in my life. I hope to be more self-expressive in my second book. But, overall being intuitive, and expressing publically my insights has greatly enhanced my life. I feel more genuine; I have healthier friendships, and work relationships now that I’m more outwardly me. When I realized I was intuitive, which was a surprise for everyone, including me, I thought others would be turned off by my multisensory abilities. To my delight and relief being intuitive has allowed me greater and happier life experiences.


Wf1: What was your intent with your latest book, Intuitive Self-Healing?

Marie: After working with thousands of clients, teaching them to understand their magnificence and heal themselves, I began to feel confident that I could teach the practices in a book. My intent was for the book to be useful for anyone. Whether you’re a person who knows nothing about energy medicine, or you have studied energy healing your whole life, there is something for everyone. The illustrations help bridge the ethereal function of the chakras and relate them to the physical body. While the real life client stories, and exercises, enrich the description of energy medicine – something I hope other healers will benefit from. Overall I hope the reader will feel empowered to know that he or she is their own best healer.


Wf1: How do you hold a neutral agenda (the space not to fix people), and allow them to heal themselves?

Marie: About 45% of my clients are very ill. In my previous profession I was an oncology nurse, so I consult with a lot of cancer patients. When working directly with a client, my purpose is to find out how they manifested the disease energetically. As I move through their body I continually show the body, through intuitive means, the truth; that they are healthy, and whole. No matter what’s going on in our lives, illness, loneliness, or hopelessness; we are truly perfect. The particles in our body, mind and spirit simply need to be reminded of this critical fact.

In a session I express all that I hear, feel and see. I am honest and direct with my patients. My neutrality comes from my beliefs about death. It can be incredibly healing to leave the body. When I’ve been with others crossing to the otherside, the energy and messages are so magnificent I know that what we all fear most is actually beautiful beyond our wildest dreams.


Wf1: What are some tools you use to help people manifest spirit in their lives?

Marie: Spirit talks with each of us all day long. Most miss spirit moments because of busy negative thinking. Most of these thoughts never come true. Stopping the mind is a necessity. I believe the brain was created to solve linear problems like; what gas to put in the car. Not, “Whom should I love?” or, “Where should I live?” These answers come directly from spirit. Connecting to joy is a perfect way to manifest spirit – because spirit is joy. The universe perceives that nothing is wrong, and nothing has ever been wrong. Take a few hours this weekend and make a list of ten things that feel joyful to you. The list will remind you where and how you feel spirit.

One of the places I feel joy is in coffee shops. I discovered this while making a joy list. I wrote down that the smell of coffee was joyful. The funny thing is that I don’t drink coffee. I don’t even own a coffee maker. After making the list I decided to visit a coffee shop. And yes you guessed it; I love the energy in a coffee shop. The smell for sure, but also baristas are constantly wishing patrons a happy day. Everyday I visit a coffee shop. I may order tea but I’m in joy, feeling spirit all around me.

Once you make a joy list (perhaps list ten different things) and you’re feeling sprit (joy), engage in an act of self-love or appreciation. Feeling self-love is the real manifestation of spirit. Creation adores and honors you in every moment.


Wf1: What one piece of advice can you share with the Wf1 community?

Marie: Women are more powerful than they can imagine. Intuition is first a feminine energy. As men become more nurturing they too sense wisdom. Using ones intuition requires a receptive quality. Being still to hear, feel and know the universe is what receiving is all about. Women notoriously over give; when we do, we forget our supreme genius of insight. Don’t over-give, don’t over-commit, and don’t over-compromise. Learn to relax and take care of your needs first. Then and only then can you truly give.


Wf1: Thank you Marie! I am so excited to have such a fabulous human being in the town right next to me. I wish you love and support in your future endeavors!



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About the Author | Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is an internationally known intuitive healer, speaker, author, and teacher based in the Seattle area. Her uniquely compassionate presence allows people to release pain, heal their wounds, and emerge into expanded consciousness. In addition to her private practice, Marie offers workshops and retreats and hosts a popular radio show, Where Energy and Medicine Meet.

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