Embracing Your Personal Power and Magnificence

Personal power is a mighty experience, yet subtle in its energy. Its roots are bathed in compassion, confusing many with its ease and function. Absorbing this energy creates waves of conscious awareness for the individual, and ultimately leads to mass human awakening.

I became receptive to my own power while working as a registered oncology nurse. Bedside nursing rapidly matured my unfamiliar intuitive spirit, unleashing a multisensory world that allowed me to recognize my inner knowledge and trust it.

Many people resist their natural power within. Contrary to what some may believe, resistance is not about protecting oneself from irrational thoughts or choices. Resistance occurs when we fear our magnificence. The majority of the human population is addicted to self-loathing, which is constantly at work against their authentic, natural, wonderful selves.

Teaching others to embrace their own power is one of my greatest joys. I hope you will join me in one of my online classes, weekend workshops, or retreats—and dive into your own intuition and magnificence!

The Energy of Money and The Art of Creating Wealth (Online)
Stepping into the Veil (Online)
Embracing Your Empathic Nature (Online)
Reiki Weekend Workshop (Redmond, WA)
Communicating Beyond the Veil Weekend Workshop (Redmond, WA

For more information, visit www.energyintutive.com/events.

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About the Author | Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is an internationally known intuitive healer, speaker, author, and teacher based in the Seattle area. Her uniquely compassionate presence allows people to release pain, heal their wounds, and emerge into expanded consciousness. In addition to her private practice, Marie offers workshops and retreats and hosts a popular radio show, Where Energy and Medicine Meet.

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