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Nikki Payne

Nikki Payne is a Truthteller who has risen from the ashes of personal tragedy. It was after her mother’s passing that she realized she would be the next victim if she didn’t embrace life. She decided that she would share the story of her grief so that it might change someone else’s life for the better.

When the Silence is Deafening

We all endure tragedy and challenges throughout our lives, but few can begin to imagine the suffering Truthteller Nikki Payne experienced when her husband...

Por Allí Sin Rumbo

La historia de hoy es sobre una mujer que renace de las cenizas por una tragedia personal. Nos honra poder compartir la historia de...

Out Here On My Own

Today's story is one of a woman rising from the ashes of personal tragedy. We're honored to be able to share Nikki Payne's...