When the Silence is Deafening

We all endure tragedy and challenges throughout our lives, but few can begin to imagine the suffering Truthteller Nikki Payne experienced when her husband murdered her children before taking his own life. Yet, today she has learned to not only survive, but to inspire others to live life fully. Her story is that of hope and rebirth, and is also full of lessons about ourselves and each other. As Nikki shares, every day might not be a great day, but something great is going to happen everyday. You don’t want to miss this life-changing interview.

click to tweet “When you share your story, you heal so many people.” – Nikki Payne

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About the Author | Nikki Payne

Nikki Payne is a Truthteller who has risen from the ashes of personal tragedy. It was after her mother’s passing that she realized she would be the next victim if she didn’t embrace life. She decided that she would share the story of her grief so that it might change someone else’s life for the better.

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