Claim Your Sexual Pleasure: Emily Morse on Your Messy Brilliance® Show

I’m thrilled to bring you the latest episode of theYour Messy Brilliance® Show, with Emily Morse. I saw Emily speak at a Sheila Kelley conference, and I knew I wanted to connect with her for Women For One. As a sex and relationship expert, and creator and host of the iTunes top-rated podcast Sex with Emily, Emily is transforming the way we think about sex and desire. Thanks to her educated and personable approach, Emily has become the go-to expert for all things sex and relationships—and she’s continuing to push the envelope and get real with us about how we can heal and improve our connection to our sexuality and sensuality.

Over the past 13 years, her show has evolved from a home-made experiment to professionally produced show, and has elevated Emily to true celebrity status. To date, the Sex with Emily podcast has been downloaded nearly 40 million times. Esquire magazine recently named Sex with Emily one of the Top 12 Sex Podcasts, and Emily has been voted the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter.

When it comes to sex, she says, “We’re all in this together and we all have challenges. It takes work.” Emily’s message that we’re not alone in our struggles and our questions about sex is not just a refreshing take—it’s also a vantage point that ensures she helps her audience explore what’s possible for their sex lives in the most nonjudgmental, open, and authentic way.

“You can’t draw generalizations about men and women when it comes to sex,” she says. “But overall, there’s a change coming and we’re not going back to the way things used to be. Women are speaking up for what we want in the bedroom and the boardroom.”

I hope you enjoy this candid conversation about pleasure, orgasms, sex education, and how we can reclaim pleasure on our own terms as women. And if you want to find out more about Emily, check out her offerings at

5:45     Emily’s story about moving from a mediocre sex life to a deeper understanding of pleasure

8:30     How Emily’s insatiable curiosity about sex led to the birth of her popular podcast

10:00    Full-body orgasms and expanding our sexual horizons

12:40    The factors that stop women from feeling pleasure

17:09    Why sexual confidence comes from understanding your body and what makes you feel good

18:30    The importance of responsible sex education that’s not just about safety, but also pleasure

22:00   Leading by example and breaking out of “this is just the way it is”

25:30   The power of supporting each other and not suffering in silence—in our sexuality and everywhere else

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About the Author | Emily Morse

Emily Morse is a Doctor of Human Sexuality, and founder and host of Sex with Emily Podcast. She is a masthead contributor to Cosmopolitan Magazine, author, former co-host of the Loveline Radio Show, and star of Bravo TV’s Miss Advised. For more information, visit

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