Being Authentic Means Being Courageous and Accepting Risk

I like to live an authentic life. It is not always easy but it can be very rewarding. You have to be true to yourself. Being authentic means saying no, when others want you to say yes. It means being silent, when others want you to say something. Authenticity of self often means taking the risk to be alone. To honor your true self, sometimes you need distance and time alone.

Authenticity in your relationships might not give immediate rewards but in the long term the rewards can be immeasurable. You must have an open mind, be focused and have a purpose. You will need to approach your relationships with decisiveness and responsibility.

I chose to focus my life and be true to myself seven years ago. I left my job in a pharmaceutical company because I felt I was not in tune with my inner truth. I realized living an authentic life meant making some sacrifices, moving away from things that kept me out of sync with my real self.   This choice to be authentic to myself had consequences.

The sacrifice was worth it but I still struggle to reach economic independence and at 48 years of age there is a real need for financial resources.  I have founded my association and feel my life is in tune with my mission and purpose. I feel being authentic means being courageous and taking risks. I have done that even though life is not so easy. I would never renounce my decision to lead an authentic life. I am conscious that authentic is a wonderfully deep word with much meaning. It requires a responsibility to accept risks and the ability to remain open to what life has to offer.   I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.





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