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I love when I can post a story about a woman who had a practical idea and manifested it into a business! Stacia did just that and you can too… Here is a short story of how she created itBandz.

Three years ago I decided to mix up my workout routine and train for a sprint triathlon. At that point I didn’t run, it-bandz-86093174cycle or swim. It turns out that I love to run and bike (but I am a terrible swimmer!) – a discovery which, along with the support of a group of runner friends – led me to become an avid runner, and complete my first half marathon. I haven’t looked back from there. Unfortunately, the downside was that my knees really began to hurt as I increased my miles. I tried many of the stabilizing bands that are available on the market for chronic knee pain, but none of them did everything I wanted them to do. itBandz emerged out of my own desire to wear a better band that I could use daily. I had the idea for itBandz while I was on a run – I stopped in the street, took off the stabilizing band I was wearing and thought, “Wow, I could make something really great for women who love to run and workout!!”

I am overwhelmed with the positive feedback that I have received on itBandz and happy that these bands are helping women who have knee pain while they exercise.

– Stacia Pache, Founder, itBandz

Here are some customer testimonials:

Christian Dauz: “I HEART your itBandz Stacia!! I finally got to use them today for Zumba & YAY!! NO knee pain. I’m super excited! Thank you so much for such an amazing solution for my knee pain!! Live it, love it, run it ♥” November 30, 2013 Laurel Zoppi: I pulled a muscle teaching Martial Arts and found my knee very unstable during the injury recovery. A friend let me borrow her itBandz for a day and I never gave it back!! I had to buy her a new one after about a week because the band gave such relief to the ache I had in and around my knee. I also bought my shepherd friend one, as farming life is so rough on the knees–it gave her added stability. My walking friend had complained about soreness in her knees, so I bought her one too. I find myself wearing mine now anytime I walk or workout, as it relieves any discomfort I feel as I am exercising. I highly recommend itBandz!! Helen Lee: Hi Stacia, Thank you very MUCH!!! I truly LOVE your itBandz!! I even got one for my mom this Christmas! Happy New Year!! Cindy Bourne: I love my itBandz. I mainly wear it to Zumba classes, but I like to wear it at other times when I feel my knee needs more stability. It is sooooo much better than the other knee brace I wore. The itBandz are well made and the Velcro stays tight and doesn’t pill. I especially like the neoprene on the inside. Thanks for a great product. itBandz are about helping women live and exercise the way they want to, helping them to do the things they love without being slowed down by knee pain. With itBandz women can LIVE it – LOVE it – OWN it. Whether they run it, swim it, bike it, kick it, dance it, jump it or just move it – itBandz will help them rock it.   Stacia Pache

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