Chase Depression Away with Connection

The miasma has evaporated thanks be to God and concrete action. My favorite Recovery 2.0 speaker has just completed a Tuesday night meeting and the topic was “You are in the driver’s seat of your life!”

I know it is hard to move when everything in your spirit says don’t, stay in bed just a little bit longer, and yet that movement gets easier if you practice asking for what you really need.

I sought a new therapist because I could feel depression’s hands restricting me to the bed. I knew that in my past I had never let fear of success prevent me from acting, from pulling myself forward and taking positive steps. What was different about now?

I traced it to fear because I felt as though I was moving in this new direction, entrepreneurship, alone. I’d lost two of my strongest supports in coming through homelessness and I knew they were too busy with new clients to be there for me. Thus, I was feeling bereft and grieving the loss of those relationships.

On top of that, one of my abusers, my stepfather, was a powerful and very successful entrepreneur. I couldn’t avoid the feeling that by choosing the path of my business I was in some way emulating the one person who helped make my childhood a living hell.

Entrepreneurship is also a new territory for me; my past was filled with academic achievements and the writing of books, as well as reading my work before the public. I had no concrete experience in building a company. I wanted companionship while I was learning the entrepreneurial ropes, to feel supported as I followed this new dream.

My therapist had a simple suggestion: call her and connect as soon as I got out of bed each day. When she said this, I was floored. So simple and yet so powerful: connection!!! The mere thought of hearing her voice each afternoon filled me with joy and a deep sense of support. I call, and even though I am speaking to her machine, I feel connected. I know that she will check her machine and wonder how I am doing.

Do you see the power of small things to change your demeanor? One phone call and depression has no chance to keep me in bed each day. I tried to fall back asleep today after waking at noon and just could not!!!! I felt a victory in the miasma’s recession and leapt out of bed to get busy.

Connection was what I lacked and now I am forging new bonds; people are showing up in my life and so are opportunities. God is at work renewing my spirit and keeping me encouraged. I hear His voice throughout the day, urging me on, coaching me moment to moment. I thank God for the sunshine, for my therapist, and for the willingness to ask for what I need and receive it.

Remember, “Dreams are to be lived!!! Yours, mine, and ours.” Don’t give up if depression has you by the throat. Spend that time alone with yourself, reaching deep within to figure out what it is you most need then ASK FOR IT. The Universe is a loving, giving entity. It is here to bless us. I know because now I can no longer stay in bed past noon!!!


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