Cleaning Our Home

Over-thinking? Stressed? Anxious?

The mind is like a house. When we first move in, we become consciously aware of our surroundings. As time goes on, we add luxuries and furniture to decorate it. Eventually we find we have so much extra furniture and luxury items that it has all become clutter. We often forget that we can have a garage sale or throw things away.

So what happens when a piece of furniture is just taking up space? Often, even though it has no use in our house, we don’t want to throw it away because we’ve always had it and think we might need it later.

Thoughts are very much like pieces of furniture and the luxury items that we keep in our house. Some are special, but others we don’t even have to think twice about when getting rid of them. They just take up space and eventually get in the way of us moving around, and therefore no longer have a use. We realize that as we begin to find it difficult to walk around, breathe or be free from the clutter with every step.

But how do we do that? How do we get away from the clutter? We can begin by having a garage sale or throwing furniture away…for good. It’s spring cleaning, but rather than seasonal, let’s make it daily or weekly. And each day or week, we could spend a bit of our downtime to re-decorate our home. We would develop a new feng shui for that home through that process.

But don’t forget that our thoughts are like that furniture too. So, as you clean the living space around you and get rid of things you no longer need, consider doing the same with your thoughts as well: the thoughts which are nothing more than clutter. You will find that you will develop a new feng shui there too, in no other place than your mind.


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