Conversation with Author, Dr. My Haley

It was such a pleasure to speak with My about truth, women, and how her early childhood and immediate family positively influenced the bright and powerful human being that she is today. My’s compassionate voice shines through in this dialogue of truth and history. I could have listened to her stories for hours, as they truly touched my heart. As I heard her share her truth about the lessons she had learned from her past, I felt like I was a witness to every story. It was as if I was inside watching them unfold, hearing and feeling the settings that she created for me. I am sure you will enjoy hearing from Dr. Haley as much as I did. Thank you!


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About the Author | Dr. My Haley

Dr. My Haley completed the book “Roots” with her late husband, Alex Haley, and continues to share stories of strong relationships and the lasting power of humanity through her new book and teachings. Those relationships, from slave to slave owner, from Northern soldiers to Southern rebels, and from a woman-on-the-run to her experience finding herself in the midst of that journey, are at the core of this book.

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