Courageous Stories and Lessons from Women of the World

First of all I would like to say, thank you for letting me share my story. I believe we find strength in sharing lessons we have learned.

I had a difficult journey in the earlier years of my life. I lost both my parents at a young age as I was heading into my teen years. This absolutely rocked my world. I felt lost, alone, and could not see the future.

Thankfully I was blessed with 5 siblings, one of which took me, my brother and my older Sister in. My oldest Sister, Penny and her new husband, Bob, moved back from San Diego, into our family home. It was my Mom’s wishes to not split us up and to have the least disruption in our lives. As you can imagine this was a really good thing for us as well as challenging. The challenging parts are a blur, but the lessons learned are very much alive in me today.

My brother in law was my greatest inspiration. He taught me to have high expectations of myself. To set goals, work hard, be thankful and most of all to be kind.

He always told me I had a special gift to share. He told me how much I was loved, that I was unique and that I was a shining legacy of my Mom. This gave me courage and always made me proud.

A few years ago my world was rocked once again. My mentor, friend, 2nd Dad, my Brother in La, Bob, lost his life to Cancer. He fought a very courageous battle for ten years. I was so thankful to have that time with him. He was an inspiration to my sons, just as he was to me.

My faith was put to the ultimate test. Life felt very unfair. But I believe life is a test, God’s test. I prayed for courage and strength. I found strength through being by my Sister’s side. It was my turn to be there for her, to love and to nurture her. We were always good friends, but through this loss have become best friends. I’ve always told her she is my Angel. We find peace together in celebrating Bob’s life through great memories that we have.

Through this difficult journey I’ve found the purpose in my life. I live each day with a fresh start, a new opportunity to be a better person. I live in the moment. Because Life is precious.

I am so thankful and appreciative of my family and my friends. Life is good!

Thank you,

Diane Loofburrow

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