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The desire to go to a school with children with learning differences like myself birthed my business, Creations by Jaylin. At the age of eight, I discovered I had a learning disability called dyslexia. From that moment, my mom and I researched other school options and found the perfect match at Hamlin Robinson School!

Hamlin Robinson School is a private independent school in Seattle, Washington, that offers a specialized program for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. This school provides a multi-sensory language approach, full academic program, and a positive learning environment that nurtures the whole child.

As my mother and I left the school visit, I remember telling her that I had to go to this school. My mom’s initial response was no due to the cost, but with the help of family and friends, we convinced her that I could sell my creations and come up with a fundraiser. She agreed and supported the idea 100%! Right away, I already knew what I was going to sell due to the fact that I’m always creating something.

My business consists of selling button earrings, ties for women and girls, and handmade paintings. My products are priced for every budget. You can find prices in my collection ranging from $5 to $1,000. My button earrings are quarter-sized buttons covered with various fabrics. I learned how to make them when I was about five years old from my mom. My ties were created about two years ago when I met a lady who was wearing a men’s tie. I didn’t know women could wear ties, nor had I ever seen a woman with one on before. I was so inspired that I designed a tie and took it to my cousin, who is a seamstress. In no time, my tie design was brought to life and up for sale. My paintings primarily consist of abstract art. I paint other things too, such as people, scenery, and animals, but acrylic pours are my most popular.

I currently sell my creations at various events around the state of Washington. I also sell some items through my online boutique. My ultimate goal is to not only fully fund my own education, but help those who need financial assistance for getting diagnosed with learning differences, tutoring services, or even paying for their education. I love being an entrepreneur and can’t wait to see where my business will take me in life.

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About the Author | Jaylin Harris

Jaylin Harris is a young entrepreneur who dreams of one day singing on stages around the world. She spends her time being a full-time student at Hamlin Robinson, a specialized program for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Outside of studies, Jaylin makes unique creations for her business, including button earrings, ties, and acrylic paintings.

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  • -Auntie Talia Hurd

    I love this!! Christian, Connor & I are so very proud of you Jaylin! Keep up this wonderful work! May all of your entrepreneurial dreams come true! Don’t forget to hug and kiss and love on your wonderful mommy ❤️

  • Tonya

    An amazing young woman who I have the honor to know as chosen family. A creative and unique individual who is just now blossoming into the powerful young entrepreneur that she is destined to become. Please support this young queen. Spread your wings darling Jaylin and just fly!❤️