Daughters on Duty: A Caregiver’s Guide to Managing Medical Matters

Daughters on Duty is Jackie McDaniels’ shared experiences and lessons learned while shepherding her elder loved ones — first her in-laws and later her mother — through multiple medical crises involving emergency room visits, hospital admissions and discharges, medication management, and working within “the system.”

As women, we are hard-wired for nurturing which makes it no surprise that when our parents begin to show their age we, as daughters, are usually the ones who care for them.  Do you see the role of caregiver in your future? Will you know what to do when you get that call?  My experiences over many years as a caregiver for my elder loved ones have taught me lessons I can share with other caregivers and future caregivers as they shepherd the ones they love through a medical crisis with a greater amount of confidence and understanding.  Watching our parents step into the last chapters of their lives is no easy journey. That said it could be made easier by sharing with others walking the same path and understanding more about eldercare and the medical system. If you are a caregiver feeling alone you most certainly are not, for there are more than 65 million daughters and sons in the U. S. caring for our family members.  You’re in good company. For more information and to purchase this book click HERE.



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