Before Death Knocks Down Your Door

Before death knocks down your door,
Oh my dear soul, learn to live,
To fly, high in the sky,
With shimmers of your passion,
Blooming inner light of your wisdom,
That rushing river of dreams,
Waiting to escape into lightning fireworks,
Light them up, light them up,
With this undying energy and passion in you,
Ignite them with your infinite intellect,
To gush past the limits and explode into the sky,
Spreading happiness, joy, and love,
For each spark is a reflection of you.
You live or die the next second,
The choice may be uncontrollable,
But the soul shall dance before the moment comes.
There is no guarantee when the death angel may just arrive outside your door,
For the choice is yours to live in fear or dance through;
The cries the life brings you or the roars of freedom,
The shackles with which it sweeps you off the ground,
And the tornado that hits you every now and then,
For every moment shall pass and you never know,
When you may just reach the end.
So dance when the energy is high and boosted up,
To make your mark with your gifts blessed upon you,
For you to live, enjoy, and travel this journey of life,
To leave sparks of joy and illuminate the world with your light,
For you are unique and made different for a reason,
So reignite the true positive reflection of God’s love in you,
For He made you to shine, bright in the sky,
Like the sparkly and flashy stars in the universe,
To radiate sheer determined light even in dull rich black darkness,
So light and live beyond the self for the self,
For it is only you, you can teach to dance,
To create a wave,
For every drop makes the ocean move,
And every rushing wave is infinite drops;
So be the dancing drop directing the wave,
To withhold the storm and still dance till the beat goes on.

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About the Author | Fizza Abid

Fizza Abid is a passionate first-class cricketer from Islamabad, Pakistan, who not only loves sports but has a great passion for writing, reading, and, most importantly, food. She believes in pushing through the comfort zone and exploring beyond.

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