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Fizza Abid

Fizza Abid is a passionate first-class cricketer from Islamabad, Pakistan, who not only loves sports but has a great passion for writing, reading, and, most importantly, food. She believes in pushing through the comfort zone and exploring beyond.

Your Heart Is a Warrior

This poem is about the importance of a human life. It captures the moment when Fizza Abid's mother had a heart attack and it...

The Inner Strength of My Soul

Fizza Abid's poem is a simple observation of what everyone experiences daily: the desire to be aware of the strength we possess, so that...

Before Death Knocks Down Your Door

This poem is a reminder for every individual that we can shine brighter with just a little more belief in the self.

In the Midst of All

This piece signifies a knocked-down phase in Fizza Abid's life when she was facing negativity and failures from all corners during a cricket championship....