The Inner Strength of My Soul

There’s a treasure in my soul,
untold stories to be told.
An era of troubles,
shakes, and feelings,
needing to unfold.
There’s an island so swiftly dark and secret;
there exist gardens, wells,
silky rivers, and curtains.
Curtains that hide the barren land,
with no lush green grass,
nor the shimmery rays of sun.
There resides a thick darkness of silence and roars,
thunder claps of clouds,
the fire undamped and pain untold,
the dusty conflicts of faith uncontrolled,
and breezy whispers of chaos uncalled.
There are fences—boundaries-—with streams of milky waters of love
that cross over the land meeting darkness and light.
They destruct with light and grow with hurt.
It is a simultaneous rush of storm and hush.
The seeds buried deep down in the island
grow rusty and blossom with light hand in hand.
Only time tells their origin: evil or gold.
During which the soul bears both the birth and growth
to unfold its truth of nature: black or silver.
This, the landscape of the inner world,
where sometimes appear sparkles of stars,
or pitch-black silence,
holds the hefty weight of an inner universe,
within one body, soul, and mind.
Yet it yearns to discover
and questions the strength it possesses to succeed and bear
this world and mankind.

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About the Author | Fizza Abid

Fizza Abid is a passionate first-class cricketer from Islamabad, Pakistan, who not only loves sports but has a great passion for writing, reading, and, most importantly, food. She believes in pushing through the comfort zone and exploring beyond.

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