Discover a Deeper True Nature. Beneath and Beyond, the Ocean of Emotion!

I used to say “I am not happy!” I was referring to anger shrouding injustice. Once I began enhancing my natural ability to release and let go of these emotions, I discovered that my statement, “I feel not happy” referred to whichever unwanted emotion was arising in the moment. I found that I could even expand this exercise to inquire into the “I” – who was identified with or about?

Standing on the beach today, I took a closer look at the waves as they hit the shore. I noticed that shadow is really an illusion. The waves passed over this illusionary shadow and dissolved. These waves of the ocean could also be similar to the wave of emotions (e – motion – energy in motion). They appear and disappear, yet I am not them. I am aware of them. These emotions can be released, or let go even quicker, and allowed to dissolve for new-found inner freedom and inner wisdom.

I noticed that beneath the shadow and the wave, lay the sand… and beneath the sand is…? And beneath that…? And beneath that…? If you try completing this train of thought, you may find you are out of answers. This is a quick exploration on allowing the emotions and thoughts to pass through you, to reveal an ‘at peace’ of mind.

When the mind is clear, it is free to notice that which once again may appear or disappear; the mind opens from a freer ‘sensing’ that allows it to take the appropriate steps forward.

May you discover the total of whom and what you truly are, beyond fear in relationship, open to new-found inner freedom.


By Kate Burke
Certified Professional Coach
Ba Ed. Health and Physed.


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  • Thank you Women for One for the opportunity to write and share. The movement and its professionalism and warmth is inspirational in itself. Thank you very kkindly for your surprise gifts too :-) It is hoped this helps some :-)