Embracing YOU

Embracing the true YOU

Women are complex creatures. There is so much to us individually and it is lovely once you start to notice what you hold within you.

As a 21-year-old woman I am proud to say over the last few years I have watched myself grow in to someone who I did not know I had in me. Little did I know that this was who had been hiding in me all along.

Most of us go through the journey of finding our true authentic self.  When we start to figure out our authenticity it is beautiful what happens. Every woman’s journey is different, but we go through a lot of the same struggles until we get on the right path. Letting go of the idea of who we are and actually accepting who we are makes the journey worthwhile.

I know I can say I have spent time worrying about what others think, worrying about what I look like, trying to perfect my flaws, comparing myself to women I will never be… but why? Why do we think any of that is going to make us authentic? Why does that have to be the norm in today’s world? What women need to do is embrace who they are. Each of us is unique and it is only fair for us to find what makes us that. Strengths and weaknesses: we must embrace them both. To do so is part of our journey. It is called growth. And if you aren’t growing then what are you doing? The simple answer is, nothing. It is only natural that we grow. Do not ever think you have reached your full potential, for you haven’t. Yes, accomplishing goals will make you happy but happiness is elusive, we must be comfortable within our own skin and can strive to be content with what we already hold.

Those are all things I have learned through my 21 years so far and I am sharing them to help empower other women who may be struggling with their own journeys or questioning what’s going on. We need to focus on ourselves more, learning what we hold inside of us, then take that unique self and empower other women with it. And once we start to do more of that, game over.

My story is brief but it is something to take in.


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