Faith: Constant

Her frame is small but her voice is BIG. I love to open my window to listen as her words come up and over and spill into my kitchen. It’s not so much as the words she sings as it is the passion that I’m drawn to. Ten years old with lots to say, she forms her words into songs. Original tunes and lyrics flow from her with ease as I recall a little girl who used to do the exact same thing: me.

Our flat overlooks the French Alps. Every morning at five o’clock the birds begin to warm up for the concert they’ll perform for the rest of the day. The church bell clangs in town as the sun announces itself in our living room. I hear the laughter of the children downstairs waking up – including that little girl – and it warms me as they hurry to get ready for school. I know this is a new day with new adventures, new ideas and experiences. This gives her something to sing about as it does for me as well.

Psalm 96 speaks of a new song that the Lord gives us. New means fresh, “pure; free from taint; not stale; full of or renewed in vigor.”

The simple and the sweet things in life we can always view as pure. Let us not forget them for that is where the heart of the song is composed. This is where the concerts of our lives are molded and take shape. People are drawn to singers. People are drawn to the passion for passion never grows stale. Perhaps they may never hear us sing, but the melody will always remain and the lyrics will not fade.

Yes life will try and taint your song from unexpected circumstances and ill opinions of man. I’ve learned if you guard your heart and concentrate on the song nothing can deter you. You’ll find as you’ve prepared your heart against such things, it is with ease and peace you’ll walk into the symphony hall and take your place with the orchestra. At the right moment at the right time you’ll open your mouth as the sweet new song begins to touch one life at a time as you sing from a grateful heart to a faithful God.


Linda Boylan


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  • My wife’s words paint a picture of vitality for life!

    Linda sang a song a few weeks ago for Charlotte’s parents and the kids were present. The mother was crying when Linda finished. Charlotte turned around and asked her mother, “Someday, when I’m a singer, will you cry?”

    It was a special moment that night. Charlotte actually asked Linda to sing. Linda responded, and her big voice filled our apartment. It obviously also filled the heart of Charlotte to motivate her to sing someday like Linda.

    Thank you God for my wife’s ability to touch the hearts of people.

    Bob Boylan