Feeling Fulfilled from the Inside Out: Christine Hassler on the Your Messy Brilliance® Show

I’m excited to bring you a new edition of the Your Messy Brilliance® Show, with my friend and Featured Truthteller, Christine Hassler!

Christine is a triple best-selling author, podcast and TV show host, and someone who delivers keynote speeches to leaders all over the world. Yup, she really knows her stuff.) But that’s not even my favorite thing about her. My favorite thing is that she walks her talk. She knows exactly what it’s like to struggle through pain and disappointment herself: being put on antidepressants at age 11, having a career that looked amazing on the outside but actually made her miserable, getting out of massive debt, to being left by her fiance a few months before their wedding. She also knows how to overcome those struggles. Despite all her challenges, she built an incredible business where she gets to live her purpose and impact thousands of people with her work.

Christine discusses how, the sooner we can take responsibility for our lives and move into acceptance, the more we open ourselves up to genuine change. (Hint: Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of constantly analyzing yourself, as “information” doesn’t necessarily lead to transformation!) She also shares the power of liberating your voice, creativity, feelings, and feminine superpowers in such a way that you can focus on what you want and learn from painful experiences so that you don’t have to keep recreating them. It’s all about knowing what you truly desire, and having the courage to ask yourself this question constantly.

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1:54: How Christine was high-achieving, anxious, and hard on herself—and still learned how to feel truly fulfilled

3:15: The importance of giving yourself kindness and compassion as the keys to lasting happiness

7:25: What it means to have an expectation hangover and how we can heal from it

10:00: The power of moving into self-responsibility (which is totally different from self-blame)

12:00: When people feel blasé but nothing’s really “wrong,” that’s a sign that something is wrong

16:35: Why we still feel stuck, no matter what we do or how many books we read

19:15: Getting out of perfectionism and other avoidance traps

20:30: Our brain’s primary job

24:25: Why “more information” isn’t what leads to lasting change

27:37: The importance of going into situations with curiosity and openness

29:14: Why being hard on ourselves might seem effective but really isn’t

31:13: The power of loving self-talk and making yourself feel safe inside

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5brsoZb_pQ” thumbnail=”https://img.youtube.com/vi/i5brsoZb_pQ/0.jpg” title=”Feeling Fulfilled from the Inside Out: An Interview with Christine Hassler” description=”It feels like the online world is saturated with coaches right now, doesn’t it? And while it’s amazing that more and more people are understanding the importance of personal development, it makes it difficult to know who to listen to and take advice from.” upload_date=”2017-11-07″ duration=”34M51S” /]

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About the Author | Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a best-selling author, life coach and speaker known for inspiring radical self-reflection with practical direction. She has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and in The New York Times, and is a spokesperson for American Express Millennial Advocacy Program. She serves on the faculty at the University of Santa Monica teaching programs in spiritual psychology.

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