Feeling Fully Nourished

The secret to living a happy and healthy life lies in how well nourished you are on a regular basis. I know this sounds simple and yet it is oh so true. Unfortunately, most women take a back seat to nourishing themselves while they are busy taking care of everyone else. Ladies, it’s time to put on your oxygen mask first!

The key to self-nourishment begins with LOVE. Many women lack self-love, and without it, you may not be motivated to take in all the delicious little tidbits to become fully nourished. I know this only too well. I’ve walked in the shoes of self-doubt and fear for far too long, and they served to erode my health and my happiness.

My wake-up call came in the form of a chronic illness. With the support of some incredible mentors, I began to learn to love myself. It was a slow process, but one that drastically changed the course of my life. I wrote a love letter to myself highlighting the many facets I wanted to bring into my life, as though they were already in existence. I read this letter every night before falling asleep, and soon a shift occurred—and that’s when the magic happened…

Nourish your roots to strengthen your coreBit by bit, I began doing simple daily practices to nourish myself to have the life I longed for and am now living. The results of diving deeply into self-love and self-nourishment were simply outstanding, so I wanted to share and help other women to learn the many tips and techniques that I embraced through the years. Below is a list taken from foodGEVITY, an online program I co-founded. I encourage you to look at each one and ask yourself which areas could use a little more love and self-nourishment.

• Cultivate Positivity & Gratitude – Did you know that the average person thinks over 60,000 thoughts a day and that about 80% of those thoughts are negative? This was key for me in moving from fear to love in my life.

• Be Resilient – Learning to bend before you break when faced with a challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow from adversity. This was a lesson that made a huge difference in how I perceived and faced the many health setbacks that came my way.

• Live Your Purpose & Passion – You know the old saying: Do what you love and love what you do. This is as it should be. If you are in a job that is no longer serving you, make a plan and move on.

• Nurture Your Spirituality – For too many years, I was devoid of feeling a spiritual connection. I opened myself to a higher source, and the love and energy that flows through me now is nothing short of miraculous! I feel most connected while in nature.

• Prioritize Self-Care – Take time daily, weekly, and monthly to love up on you! I have simple daily routines that keep me thriving, from dry-brushing and coconut oil at shower time to soft music and essential oils at bedtime.

• Rock Your Relationships – Who is your tribe who supports, respects, and honors you for you? Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to establish some boundaries with? I am truly blessed with an incredible support team of family, friends, and healthcare professionals, including my beloved pooch!

• Move Your Body – For many, this falls by the wayside, and yet it is critical to the smooth operation of so many of your organs, your joints and muscles, and your feel-good hormones. I find simple ways to keep moving that my body loves and that I enjoy.

• Enrich Your Finances – Being a good steward of your money and thinking in abundance brings great rewards. My motto is to have prosperity to enjoy my lifestyle to help others along the way!

• Clear the Clutter – This is both physical and emotional. Get rid of what no longer serves you, and you’ll be amazed at the emotional clearing that occurs.

• Mind the Food on Your Fork – From staying happily hydrated and eating whole clean foods, to indulging in a healthful sweet ending, this is the icing on the cake of living a life of wellness!

I am now 55 and I thrive. I am a wife, a mom, and a grandmother who leads a very active and fulfilled life. I’m so passionate about what I have accomplished, despite the challenges of having a chronic disease. As The Wellness Designer, I plan online and in-person events and programs to support women to reach their health and happiness desires. I feel so blessed to do this work and see others bloom their way to wellness in all walks of life!

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About the Author | Janet Verney

As The Wellness Designer, Janet Verney specializes in interior health makeovers. Janet is a certified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has served in various leadership roles in both education and biotechnology. She is an author, speaker, chef, founder of ROOTS2Wellness.com, and co-founder of foodGEVITY.com.

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