Finding Health and Wellness Solutions the MyJane Way

When I learned that a dear relative of mine was taking cannabis to help her wean off opioids that her doctors had been prescribing to her for years, I knew there had to be a better way. Even though she had beaten cancer, the lasting pain associated with her surgeries was debilitating and stripping her of her active and vibrant life.

A trusted friend of hers had recommended cannabis as a potential alternative to her opioid use, and after a little trial and error, she was able to reduce her opioid consumption by 50 percent. Today, she is almost 100 percent free of this over-prescribed drug and back to driving, going to church, and playing with her grandchildren. Incredible!

I cried when I heard about her struggles. Then I got mad. And I set out to answer these questions: Why isn’t cannabis offered as an alternative to opioids or other prescription drugs? What other aspects of health and wellness that could be addressed with various cannabis products—especially for women—are being overlooked and ignored? How can we normalize cannabis and end the stigma so women can get the relief we need?

I decided to turn my anger into action and created MyJane. I want every woman to have the ability to empower herself to make her life and the lives of her loved ones better.

Fast-forward to today: We are a global community of women helping women feel better. After surveying 40,000 women in Orange County, the number one issue most women face is a lack of sleep. We need to fix that! We’re offering solutions to the most common challenges women face with their health. Our newly appointed Advisory Board member, Dr. Michele Ross, shares her expertise with our community members, and we have Wellness Concierges on hand to answer your cannabis-related questions.

Created by women for women, MyJane is a new wellness community designed to empower women to feel better. Through education, accessibility, and community, we normalize the cannabis experience by enabling women to make informed health and wellness choices for themselves and those they love.

My vision is to create a community of one million women united by the benefits of cannabis by 2020, and we’d love for you to join us.

We have a Director of Wellness who oversees our Experience Advisers, who test each product we recommend to ensure quality. And your Wellness Concierge is standing by to answer your canna-curious questions. We believe knowledge is power, and we want you to have the information you need to make informed choices about your health and wellness options.

It’s time to own your wellness, and MyJane is here to help. You can learn more and join our community at

About the Author | Kim Kovacs

Kimberly Kovacs has personally raised more than $100 million in venture dollars for companies she’s either founded or co-founded. She founded MyJane, a wellness technology platform that curates cannabis products based on the most common conditions women face, such as sleep, pain, and anxiety. She’s the co-host of MyJane MyStory radio, Visit to learn more.

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