The image of a horse made of fire, running furiously describes the inner flame of my being. For so long I have tried to control the fire, the passion, and the love… I have tried to put it out, stomping on it and hiding it under a cold blanket, absent of any emotion. But no more will I try to control my inner fire. I release the passion and the fury to run ramped, to be strong as the horse and bright like the fire. This is a part of myself I will now release into the wild. I will feed it, allowing it to grow as much as it possibly can. I feel the power of my inner flame as it grows minute by minute.

When I allow myself to feel my fire, I am free. I am filled with energy, passion and love. Nothing can stop my fire, when it is given space to express itself. For all those who tried to keep it down, that tried to eliminate it with their buckets of fear, dousing it as much as they could… I now have risen from those ashes to only ignite once again. For I KNOW, no matter what, I can always rise again; stronger and faster. Just as the horse runs freely and wild, so does my inner being. I once thought the flames were poisonous and dangerous. That if I let it go, it would overtake me completely. For if I lost control, I would burn alive to become ashes in the wind, never to be seen again. My inner fire scared me with its strength and courageousness. I feared it was stronger then me.

I am now ignited; I can see past the black smoke, I know my true essence is the fire. I am the fire with all its fury, I always have been. For I only have worn a mask of lies and insecurities that did not allow my true self to be seen. I welcome myself to the world, to run ramped and to be free.

– Madison Meyer, May 2012




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