Freedom: That Wild and Crazy Good

It feels right.

Not that years of working for the man felt wrong.

This just feel most right – right now.

I’m talking about freedom. Freedom to explore my next adventure, client, engagement and or relationship. Freedom to explore every day with new lenses. I love it!

I am in an interesting place right now. I’ve been checking my feelings constantly to see what expands me and what contracts me. I wish I had this figured out years ago because being truly aware of my freedom is so freeing! But even so, I’m so excited to experience all of the awesomeness 60 seconds can bring. I am enjoying my life, documenting it and sharing it.

When I write from the heart, I couldn’t care less what old colleagues, bosses and associates think. I couldn’t care less if I am offending grammar experts. I’m being me – the best me I can be today at this moment. I think that deserves a standing ovation!

I hope you too find freedom. You know, the kind of freedom that ignites your soul! Freedom from judgement. Freedom to laugh at silly movies, poems and people. Freedom to laugh at your own mishaps and struggles. Freedom from debt. Freedom to own doing things your way!

So as I skip back to my freedom, I hope today you will clear something from your plate and do something, anything, just one thing that feels like that wild and crazy good. Bold enough, fun enough, and happy enough to call freedom.

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