Go Girl

natalie cook

A powerful and inspiring book written for young female athletes, Go Girl tells the story of Natalie Cook’s self-discovery and personal journey as she works towards her goal of an Olympic gold medal. A beach volleyball player, Cook describes with razor sharpness the determination and mental focus which allowed her to achieve her dreams. Highly recommended for all young women, athletes or not, as it is written in a way that any young person could understand and the lessons are applicable to any field of interest or area of focus, whether scholastic or in life itself.For more information and to purchase this book, click HERE.

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About the Author | Natalie Cook

Nat Cook is a five-time Olympian, Olympic gold and bronze medalist, business owner, presenter and speaker, author of “Go Girl: An Inspiring Journey from Bronze to Gold,” and “Health & Wellbeing Millionaire: Health, Happiness and the Secret to Your Greatest Wealth.” Nat inspires and motivates people around the world with her motivational, leadership, and team-building workshops.

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