God’s Size Fits All

Okay, people, put your seat belts on because God had Dr. Ni rockin’ today!!!!

First I had a super-great lunch with a friend of mine from high school and had the fun task of sharing with her all of the job and coaching possibilities currently streaming through my life. Then I went shopping.

Now let me explain something about the shopping trip. For the past several decades I have been forced to shop for my clothing online because I was too big for everything in the store. I was a 34/36 and Lane Bryant, my old standby, only went up to a 26/28. I had started shopping online at OneStopPlus.com (now fullbeauty.com) because they always had my size, and sometimes, when I needed it, a 36/38.

Keep in mind that I’ve been taking Juice Plus+—the capsules and the shakes—and eating much healthier since April of this year. At my three-month diabetic check-up in August I’d lost 25 pounds, my blood sugar reading had dropped from 14 to 9 (it is supposed to be 7 or under) and my blood pressure was 90/60. I went to the lab just recently for blood and urine testing and found I had lost an additional 3 pounds for a grand total of 28 pounds.

Yet and still I was afraid to go into The Avenue, a plus-sized clothing store for women, because the largest size in their store was a 32. Even though I’d lost 28 lbs., I feared that I wouldn’t fit in anything in the store. I had to shop there because that was the store specified on my Department of Rehabilitation voucher. I am on total and permanent disability through Social Security, so if I want to work, I have to receive services from the Department of Rehabilitation.

I caught the bus there hopeful, but insecure.

Imagine my surprise when I put on the first pair of butter denim jeans, size 32 straight, and they were falling off of me! I am happy to report that I am no longer a 34/36; I am a 26/28!!!!! Everything I tried on fit!!!! And the 26/28 tops were just a little bit on the loose side!!!

But God was not done. Oh no, He had another surprise for me. The person waiting on me and helping me shop encouraged me to apply for a credit card. I laughingly told her that she didn’t want me to apply for a credit card because if I did, the lights would flash, the bells would ring, the police would show up with sirens blaring, and the fire department would show up with hoses at the ready. She smiled at me knowingly and said, “You should still try.”

A few moments later she came to me with that same smile and said, “You’ve been approved for $250, and when you make your payments on time, the credit union we work with will help you improve your credit!”

I was floored! Me?! A credit card?! Now I will have to be responsible, and no more applying anywhere else until I have a secure job, but oh my Lord, was I floored. God is good, people, all of the time! I love the many ways He surprises me!!!!

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