Healing Trauma by Exposing Shame

In 2013, I experienced the worst trauma of my life as a result of betraying myself. I chose a man’s desire over my own desire to be a mother. I became pregnant and chose to have an abortion due to an overwhelming fear of abandonment and rejection. Instead of reaching out for help, I isolated myself and allowed the inner critic within me to convince me to “fix” the situation. The inner critic told me to make sure my partner would not suffer or blame me for disrupting our plans for a six-month-long road trip around the country. I had the abortion and dissociated for almost a year.

Here is my story of exposing shame, allowing myself to feel everything (including grief), finally asking for help, and forgiving myself on the path to healing.

Watch her courageous story below:

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/5jll1iYlrd0″ title=”Healing Trauma by Exposing Shame by Sophia Treyger” description=”Healing Trauma by Exposing Shame by Sophia Treyger” maxwidth=”500″ /]

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About the Author | Sophia Treyger

Sophia Treyger, Relationship & Empowerment Expert, teaches women how to shift from Pleaser to Pleasure so that they attract and say YES to the best in life: romantic relationships, abundant opportunities, and a close-knit sisterhood. She is a master in creating safe space for women to engage intimately with themselves and with each other.  She empowers women to give to themselves first.

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