I Am The Co-Creator of My Life

I am honored to have attended Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend in Seattle last week. I had no expectations of what the weekend would bring, but I was blown away as I joined thousands of women for a truly inspiring weekend.

Oprah told all of us trail blazers“You are the co-creator of your life.” I asked myself, “What does this mean? Co-create my life? With whom? Am I the only one in this audience who doesn’t understand this?” My attention turned back to Oprah as she continued speaking about how the universe sends us messages, but that many people expect these messages to be big, profound, and clear; yet often they come as quiet whispers that go unheard. Immediately, I began to wonder how many quiet whispers I have received but ignored.

I know for sure that one message that I continually receive is to help others. I’ve always known this concept on an intellectual level, but I’ve never known to what capacity I should employ it. When I began college, I believed my calling was to be a doctor and to save the world. As I explored that journey I thought it was the only path for me. As I became more immersed in my studies my enemy “anxiety” introduced himself to me. He would mask himself in physical symptoms that I had yet to experience so I couldn’t identify him. As my anxiety persisted I continued to push through it and I finished my degree. After graduation, I decided to take a break from this path – even if it just was for a little bit. However, taking that break was a blessing. I now know that my anxiety was a quiet whisper from the universe warning me I wasn’t on the right path.

Oprah told the audience that we would know we are on the right path when we are growing. When we stop growing that is a message to move on. I believe that I am on the right path now and I am also clear that I have a lot of lessons and experiences ahead of me. The universe steered me towards a path that I didn’t know existed and it answered my calling. I am excited about Directing Women For One and for creating a powerful new vision for myself. Thank you UNIVERSE!

When you question where you are in life, always remember, YOU and only YOU are the co-creator of your life. Thanks Oprah… Here’s to the journey!

About the Author | samantha

Samantha grew up in the Midwest but moved to Seattle in 2010. She hopes to help women around the world find the courage and power to dig deep inside and find their most authentic self.

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