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I am a woman on fire with purpose. The cause most near and dear to my heart is Child Abuse Awareness. It is a cause with which I am intimately acquainted from my time in the British foster care system. At the hands of my adoptive family, my twin brother and I endured the most brutal abuse on a daily basis—physical, mental, and sexual abuse. My memoir: Surviving the Devil-An Account of Adoption and Abuse covers our horrific childhood and the failings of the child protective services at that time.

angie coxI reached a place where I knew I had to live a life of purpose and victory. I had to teach not only my young daughter, but also many others the world might bring challenging times and upheavals. When this happens you have to get up, dust off and continue on. Keeping this in mind, I knew it was important to be strong in my causes with passion and conviction. I wanted to only send out good energy.

Instead of letting my abusers ruin the rest of my life, I have chosen a life of joy and purpose. I founded No Child Unloved in 2014 and became a motivational speaker letting other victims of abuse know that their life does not have to end due to abuse. You have to make a choice of winning your battle or letting yourself be a victim forever.

The mission of No Child Unloved is simple but multifaceted. It is to enable children to enjoy their childhood. In 2014, I embarked on a mission to bring joy to the lives of abused, seriously ill, and underprivileged children. Ultimately, the goal of NCUL is to create a safe house for abused children and their family members. This will be a place where they can recuperate, seek counseling, and get back on their feet.

Childhood should be among the happiest and most carefree years of life. Children have a unique and sunshiny perspective. They love so easily. Unfortunately, there are many forces at work against them. No Child Unloved comes in to brighten the days of these suffering children. No Child Unloved is:

  1. Providing teddy bears to sick children, abused children, and any child experiencing trauma,
  2. Feeding hungry children and babies
  3. Donating clothing for children in need
  4. Funding a diaper bank to keep babies dry and healthy
  5. Raising money to help schools gain access to technology
  6. Providing monetary help for children’s medicines and copayments
  7. Throwing birthday parties for abused children and kids who have never experienced such an event.
  8. Christmas gifts and parties to children who have never experienced the magic of the holidays (sick, abused, and underprivileged)

We work to raise awareness about child welfare and abuse by delivering speeches to various agencies such as; The Roundhouse (homeless shelter for youths), Cunningham Children’s Home, Community Elements, Varity of Schools etc.

Without sounding selfish, I finally feel like I belong in this world. Never before have I ever felt such self worth and self-esteem. There is nothing I would change about my life. Yes, some days are extremely stressful with the pure brutality and abuse I see that has happened to children. There is a difference in my life now, a purpose. Every time I walk out my door, I know I am doing everything in my power to let abused children know they are truly cared about. They are not forgotten. My tears are real. I will fight for abused children until my very last breath. I will let them know they are loved. Unfortunately, there was no one to fight for my twin brother and I.

This is my purpose, spreading the word to stop child abuse. I wouldn’t change what I have been through because it’s brought me to where I am today.  I choose Life and Joy!

Let there be no more unnecessary suffering and let us make the rest of 2015 magical for even more children!

Angie Cox


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  • Angie,
    Your passion for this work comes through your words! It’s quite empowering. Sometimes the best we can do with a bad situation/childhood is to claim our story’s outcome, not allow it to have the final say in how we live our lives. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Ginny, thank you for your kind words. I absolutely agree with you, it is about saving your own life, making a choice to be happy and to win the battle. The best you can do with tragedy especially in the form of overcoming child abuse, is to live a life of fullness and a life of purpose.