Interview with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dear Women For One Community,

I believe there are miracles occurring all around us and in us with every breath we take on this Earth. The true miracle for me is to actually be aware of them when they occur. Meeting Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on an airplane (she was actually sitting in my seat when I got on the plane!) was no accident. It was a true miracle in my life. I was at the beginning of my journey with Women For One, and the universe decided to put one of the most heartfelt, authentic and inspirational women in my seat – JUST IN CASE I WAS A LITTLE TOO UNCONSCIOUS TO NOTICE at the time! I will forever cherish the few hours we spent sharing truly intimate stories about our understanding of the self and the world as we know it today. By the end of the plane ride, Dr. Jill had imparted an almost unsaid knowledge unto me, inspiring me to believe that anything is possible and that we all have the choice to create the reality we actually WANT for our lives. When I make such a deep heart connection with someone so quickly I hold it in a place of honor and AWE. I thank you, Jill, for walking your talk and being a true model of inspiration and authenticity for the world to learn from. I look forward to co-creating with you and other inspirational souls throughout my journey here.

Wf1: What is your personal definition of the authentic self?

Dr. Jill: The personality of my right brain.

Wf1: What tools do you use to move into your authentic self?

Dr. Jill: I shift my eyes toward any movement, move my eyes out of focus and become the stimulation.

Wf1: What led you to a life of sharing your wisdom?

Dr. Jill: I was drafted by the universe.

Wf1: How were you inspired to serve others?

Dr. Jill: I bring my love to the world and it responds in kind.

Wf1: What methods do you use to nurture your soul and your body?

Dr. Jill: I am an expert at saying NO to anything that does not serve my health, well-being and higher purpose. Money is rarely my motivator.

Wf1: Your book, My Stroke of Insight is completely aligned with Women For One’s vision of encouraging women to share their story and to learn from it while inspiring others. There are so many beautiful words and lessons that you teach throughout your book. How has sharing your story impacted you and others?

Dr. Jill: It has forced me to consciously seek balance on a moment by moment basis.

Wf1: Was it a difficult process?

Dr: Jill: No, just a process.

Wf1: What is your future vision for your life’s purpose and the world at large?

Dr. Jill: We are living during a time of a major global health crisis and a major mental health crisis. I will align my energy, efforts and knowledge to help everyone better understand our brain and that we have more power than we were ever taught.

Wf1: Do you have one quote that you currently resonate with the most or that you think describes where you are at this stage of your life?

Dr. Jill: “Stay soft and the world will soften with you.”  – Dr. Kat Domingo

Wf1: We know that you have a passion for teaching the world about brains. Can you tell us about your current projects around this subject?

Dr. Jill: I just gave my second official TED talk, it was a TEDX for Youth titled The NeuroAnatomical Transformation of the Teenage Brain.

Wf1: What are three words or phrases (a piece of advice) that you would most like to share with our community?

Dr. Jill:

  • Take responsibility for the energy you bring…
  • We have the power to pick and choose who and how we want to be in the world.
  • I love my amygdala!


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About the Author | Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist whose personal experience of a massive stroke and the long process of recovery led her to also become an author and inspirational public speaker. In 2008, she was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the world. Her TED talk was the first TED talk to go viral.

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  • anouka

    “Stay soft and the world will soften with you.” – Dr. Kat Domingo

  • Avatar photo

    Hello. Thank you for your submission. We do not understand your questions. Can you please clarify? Thank you.

  • ‘….we have more power than we were ever taught.’ What an amazing, aligned encounter! I find myself constantly in awe of how, in our humanness, we will shrink, quiet our voice, believe the ‘less than’ rather than Exclaim & Embrace our power!! Cheers to you Woman For One & Dr. Jill!!!

  • Dana Prophet

    I absolutely LOVED her Ted Talk regarding her stroke. It was funny, poignant, educational and inspirational. I applaud her outstanding work at recovering and spreading her message around the globe. All continued success, Dr. Jill!