Karen Ruimy at Inspire’d Conference London

Karen was invited to speak at the Inspire’d Conference, London, an event that asks artists and leaders to share 10 minutes of their wisdom. What Karen shared is especially empowering.

In the first two minutes, she talks about her incredible production, ZIK’R, and how it came about because she followed her dreams.

Next, she talks about how her journey from a young girl in Morocco, to a powerful banker in Paris, to a spiritual writer, dancer and performer has enabled her to embrace the desires of her inner child. We are all born with dreams and purpose, she says, but they get covered up by layers of role expectations from our families, society, and those close to us. She made a conscious effort to shed those roles and return to her true soul, and it has been a transformation that is both inspirational and nothing less than beautiful.

She leaves us with the reality that, if you do not allow yourself to be distracted by roles you are supposed to fulfill and, instead, start listening to your own soul and inner voice, you too can manifest your dreams.

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About the Author | Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy is a frequent Truthteller who has learned that passion, purpose, and happiness aren’t outside of us; they are within. She is an inspiration and a testament to the power of listening to your own inner voice. She reminds us to be fearless and act on our own intuition.

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