Meet Me in the Kitchen

Meet Me in the Kitchen

Crisp, apple, smacking
Cider Donuts
Cold air coming through the old windows
Beanie Hats
Gloves, Scarves
Fleece are out.
Darker Days…
and Nights.
Less time for seeing the day.
More time for sleeping the night.
It’s Fall.
Leaves crunching
Clouds Blustery
Soups on
Teas enjoyed
Cider mulled
Meet me in the kitchen.

10/3/15 Navya La Shay
All rights reserved

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About the Author | Navya La Shay

Navya La Shay is an empath, poet, artist, truth seeker, and truth speaker. Navya has been in the entertainment business since she was 15 years old, on both sides of the camera. Now it's an inside job.

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