Lead with Your Heart

What if you could walk alongside a strong, loving, powerful woman on her journey and learn amazing tools for your daily life?  Regina Cates’ book, Lead With Your Heart, guides you on the empowering path of living life from a heart-centered space. Written as a collection of essays based on the author’s own, often-excruciating, experiences, each page resounds with a deep wisdom that reawakens you to the limitless possibilities in life and empowers you to make lasting change. Click here for more information. 



About the Author | Regina Cates

Regina is an author, speaker, podcaster, blogger, positivity junkie, and cheerleader of soul. She champions the underdog and believes there is a superhero within each of us. Regina’s longing to help others live fulfilled lives is the motivating force behind everything she does . Originally from Texas, Regina and her wife, Barbara, live in Los Angeles, California with their dog, Ruby.

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