Lotus Sojourns

Lotus Sojourns gives women like you an opportunity to be part of a global community connected by aligned values and transformational experiences.

Ignite your personal transformation on an adventure connecting you with communities of women around the globe while building relationships with fellow travelers.


  • Connecting to local women’s groups and artisan communities worldwide.
  • Meeting with homemakers and changemakers, and hearing their stories.
  • Exploring the role of women in many cultures and learning about empowering women while exploring the world.

We are so excited to announce our first Sojourn, which will be taking place in the beautiful country of Guatemala this fall from November 10–16, 2019. You can join Christine Winebrenner Irick, the founder of Lotus Sojourns, for a beautifully crafted itinerary providing the opportunity for connection with several local artisan groups, immersion in their communities, and exploration of the Guatemalan culture.

When women join a sojourn, they can expect to navigate a physical journey that intersects with their personal journey; in being removed from their everyday routine, they can find ways to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and dig deeper with the support of the other women joining them during this process.

You will have the exclusive opportunity to be welcomed as the first travelers in our tribe, building the foundation for our global sisterhood! There is limited availability for this trip. You can email connect@lotussojourns.com to apply to be a part of this special journey. You can also visit our website for more information about this trip and other upcoming departures: www.lotussojourns.com

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About the Author | Christine Winebrenner Irick

Christine Winebrenner Irick founded Lotus Sojourns, a transformational travel company that creates connection amongst a global community of women and uses the transformational power of travel to help women connect with themselves and their story. Christine is married and has three daughters. She currently lives in Denver, CO.

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