Love Has the Power to Heal

Women who have survived trafficking, prostitution, and addiction deserve a second chance at life.

This is why Thistle Farms provides survivors a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and a lifelong sisterhood of support. When you support Thistle Farms, you help women survivors to heal.

Love doesn’t ask what you did. Love asks what happened TO you.
The roots of prostitution and trafficking are often found in severe childhood abuse, loss, and/or neglect. It is these traumatic childhood experiences that push women toward homelessness, addiction, prostitution, trafficking, and incarceration. They are survivors, and we offer unconditional love and support without judgment.

Love says come in off the streets; here’s a safe place to live.
Magdalene is the name of our two-year residential program that offers women a peaceful place to live and receive support while they focus on living sober, honest, and self-sufficient lives. All services are provided without government assistance and are free of charge.

Love says your physical and mental health is really important, and I’ll drive you to your appointments.
We believe it’s important to connect survivors with the specific services that will help them heal. This includes alcohol and drug treatment programs, mental health services, and physical health care, as well as prescriptions, dental, and vision care.

Love says your dreams are attainable, and I’ll help you get the education or job skills you need to reach for the stars.
Many survivors haven’t earned their GED or held consistent employment. We don’t want anything to hold them back, so we provide the support they need to complete their education and acquire marketable job skills.

Love says here’s a job where you can earn a livable wage to support yourself, and you’ll feel good about the work you do.
We saw that women survivors were making great strides in their recovery but still had trouble getting a job due to arrest records or gaps in their resume because they were living on the streets. So we started a social enterprise where they could make and sell natural bath and body products. Now they can earn a living wage and have a path toward financial independence.

Love says we’re in it for life. We’ll always be here for you, no matter where you go.
After a survivor graduates from our two-year residential program, they become part of our graduate network. This network provides them lifelong access to counseling, education opportunities, and emergency financial assistance.

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About the Author | Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens is an Episcopal priest, speaker, author, and justice advocate. As an entrepreneur, she has begun seven nonprofits, including Thistle Farms—founded in 1997 to help women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. She has been designated a CNN Hero and White House Champion of Change, and has been featured on the Today Show, ABC World News, NPR, and in the New York Times.

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  • Kathie Sheeley

    A wonderful article Reverend Becca ! Since the 1st day I became aware of Thistle Farms & Magdalene House I have been an advocate for the inspirational work you do. Many other organizations have followed your model so the light just continues to shine !